How do I Change my Personal Information?

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2019 03:27PM CDT
FollowMyHealth® allows patients the ability to update their Personal Information and append it to their Universal Health Record (UHR).

In order to update your Personal Information, follow these steps:

1. After you have logged into your FollowMyHealth UHR, click on My Account tab (A) My Info (B)

2. By default, the (A) "General" tab will be displayed.  Within this window, you have the ability to update your personal information. The required fields include (B) "First/Last Name" and "Date of Birth", (C) "Address", (D) "Social Information", (E) "Contact Information" and (F) "Preferred Pharmacy".  Fill out the required information accordingly (see example below).

3. In the Social Information section you may now make multiple race and ethnicity selections. Multiple selections are made by making an initial selection and then choosing subsequent selections while pressing the Shift key.

4.  Once you have filled out the required fields, click (A) "Save".  You also have the ability notify your medical organization about your updated Personal Information by clicking (B) "Send" (see example below).

Note: Your Provider may not be accepting changes to your Demographic information through this method. If you cannot (B) "Send", you will need to contact them directly to inform them of these changes.

To learn how to change your Emergency Contact information, see this article.

To learn how to update your insurance information, see this article.
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