I can't save my Demographics

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2017 02:57PM CDT
If you are having trouble saving your demographics, it could be that a field has not been filled out or it hasn't been filled in at all. Some fields that can cause your demographics not to save are phone numbers, date of birth, zip code, city, street, first name, and last name. You will know if there is a error because the field will be bordered in red. If you are editing your demographics, you will see a message that says "Unable to save. Please review invalid fields.". FollowMyHealth™ has made it easy to identify the invalid field(s) so they can be corrected. Let's take a look at an example. 

1. You are in the Demographics section under "My Health. In this example, you are under insurance and ready to save. However, when you click Save, you get the error message about being unable to save. Right below Demographics, you will see the buttons for General, Emergency Contact, Responsible Party, and Insurance. Notice that the General button and the Emergency Contact button have a red border around it. Also, notice how they are lit and don't look like the Responsible Party button. This is where there are invalid fields that need to be addressed. 

2. Let's see what's wrong in the "Emergency Contact" section. After clicking on that section, you can see where the error is. The error is that the phone number is not a valid phone number. If this was a valid number, we would not have received this error message. Here, you would just enter a valid number and you are set.

3. Let's see what's wrong in the "General" section. After clicking on that section, you can see where the error is. The error is that the Zip Code field was overlooked. Here, you would just enter the zip code. Once that has been done, click Save and then you will receive a message about the save being successful or if you want to send the changes to your connected organization. 

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