FMH Username Recovery

Thank you for contacting FollowMyHealth Support. In the event you created an FMH account and have lost and/or forgot your username, please follow one of these routes to try and recover it.

NOTE:  While most FMH Secure usernames can be recovered, it is not 100% guaranteed.

Route 1:

  • You can complete username recovery:
"Sign In" screen, select "Forgot your username"

Note: If you no longer have access to that email, but you have a verified mobile phone number attached to the account please complete FMH Username Recovery.

Route 2:

When you created your account, you would have received an email confirming your specific FMH Secure username.  Please go to your email and do a search for an email with the following information:

  • Comes from
  • The subject of the email is “FMH Secure Login Account Created (older accounts) or Success! Your username was created (newer accounts)”
  • If you have this email it should have your correct, connected username in it.
  • Below is a copy of what that email looks like, for reference:
Email notification, "Success! Your username was created"
  • Once you have found this email, it is possible to reset your FMH password.  Click here to reset password

Route 3:

Contact your medical provider/organization’s support personnel for help with recovering your FMH Secure username. In going this route, you will need to confirm some personal information including your name, date of birth, and email address.

Along with the FMH Secure login method, there are other login methods as well.  If you used another authentication method to access FollowMyHealth (Google, Facebook, etc.), please try one of those services and use your normal username and password for that service.