FollowMyHealth Account Not Found

You will receive this message if you clicked on the button to log in. The credentials you entered are not associated with a FollowMyHealth® account. This may occur in the following scenarios:

"FollowMyHealth Account Not Found"

What caused this?  There are a few possibilities:

Your account is accessed via an alternate login method.  For this example, let’s say Google.  Not realizing this, you attempted to gain access through another login method (FMH, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.)

You did, at one point in the past, have a successfully connected FMH username.  Not remembering what it was, you created another FMH username more recently.  This newer one, while successfully made, is not actually attached to any account and results in the above error.

Possible solutions

Select “I Have an Existing Account” and try signing in with a different login method.

If there is an older, connected FMH username:

  • Try to complete password recovery or username recovery.
  • Try to find the email titled “FMH Secure Login Account Created (older accounts) or Success! Your username was created (newer accounts)”.  It would have been sent out when the initial FMH username/password credentials were made.

For help with resetting your FMH Password, click here.

For FMH Username Recovery help, please click here.