Facebook Authorization Explained

Has Facebook been recommending fellow patients to be your friends? 

By using your existing Facebook credentials to log in to your FollowMyHealth account, Facebook becomes aware of your use of the application. The third party authorization agreement (known as Open Authentication) allows you to access to your FMH account using your Facebook account credentials. Thereby not needing to create an FMH Secure account. FollowMyHealth will never share any of your medical information with Facebook.

However, per their terms of use, Facebook has the right to use information about you as they see fit. Facebook knows your location and they can see other users who use FollowMyHealth in your area. They have the ability to recommend people you might know by this shared application. Again, in no way does Facebook gain access to any information from your FollowMyHealth account.

If you have any concerns about your security or privacy with using your Facebook credentials to log into FollowMyHealth. If you are concerned about privacy, we would recommend creating an FMH Secure Login and adding that to your account.

This link will give you a fuller explanation of FollowMyHealth’s security measures.