I Can’t Find My Healthcare Organization When Trying to Request Connection

If you have created your account from the site, you will run into the request connection step. If you are unable to locate your healthcare organization, it’s more than likely they only allow patients to connect by an invitation email. If you are unable to find your organization, be sure to give the practice a call so they can send you an invitation email to connect.

Note: If you are unable to find your organization, click on “Skip This Step”. Once you receive an invite, you can use that same account to add the connection. If you need help with adding the connection from an invite, be sure to view this article for help: Add Connection from an Invitation

Note: If you can find your organization but it may not be the right location, this is fine. Many organizations have more than one practice and they don’t list all of them in the database. They will mainly use their main campus or main office location. As long as you connect with your organization, you will be connected with your providers.