Is FollowMyHealth® Secure?

Maintaining your privacy is our top priority. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure we meet your expectations along with federal and state privacy laws.

To sign into FollowMyHealth without needing to create a new email address, we offer our FollowMyHealth (FMH) Secure Login.

You can also use existing accounts. For example, AppleID, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Account through Open Authentication. We will not use any extra information from these third-party organizations other than what is required. FollowMyHealth does not store your username and password for these particular providers and your credentials will continue to be maintained by them as well.

In compliance with federal patient privacy regulations, all transmitted data is encrypted during this process. The data storage is also encrypted for protection. Your login occurs over Secure Socket Layer (SSL, shown as HTTPS in your browser’s address bar). Which is an industry standard for providing secure communication over the internet. It is used by sites such as online marketplaces or financial institutions.

***If you would like to add an additional layer of security to your login, please visit this article

The first time that you create a FollowMyHealth record using one of the Open Authentication accounts (AppleID, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Account), you will be asked to share some basic information from your connecting account. This makes sure that FollowMyHealth will be allowed to use them for authorization. Please be mindful that each provider has a different authentication confirmation request. For example, when using a Microsoft Account to login you will asked to grant access to view your profile info and contact list. While approval of this step is necessary, the only information obtained from this request is your username. FollowMyHealth will NOT be use public information contained in your authenticating accounts pictures, contacts, friends, etc. It will NOT release and/or sell your identifiable information to other organizations, people, etc. The authentication provider with which you choose to use as your login, will NOT have access to your FollowMyHealth record or its information.

For concerns about Facebook, go here