Not Receiving PIN Number Text Message for 2-Step Verification

If you are not receiving the 2-step verification PIN number via text message. There are two ways to work with that functionality. 

Option 1: Turn that security feature off/or choose a different method for receiving those PIN numbers.  

  • Go to 
  • Sign in using the username and password. 
  • Select the link “Have a new PIN emailed to you”. 
  • Provide the PIN number that is emailed rather than sent as a text message. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the “Manage Your FMH Secure Sign in Account” page. 
  • Select the pull-down menu for the “2-step Verification Method” and choose “None” or a “different method for receiving that PIN number”.
  • Select “Save” 
  • Close the browser window 

You can now sign into your FollowMyHealth account without using the 2-step Verification PIN Number 

Option 2: Contact the support for your mobile carrier. Have them set the security for your mobile contact to accept the SMS messages from us. Those SMS messages are sent from ‘‘ and many times a mobile provider will drop those SMS messages as spam because they have a ‘nonreply’ email address.