“Device Not Remembered When Using FMHSL Two-Factor Authentication on FMH Mobile”

The error message referenced above may appear if you check the box to “Remember me on this device”. Only when logging into your account on the FMH Mobile application and your login uses two-step verification. FollowMyHealth® uses Open Authentication for login. The configuration needed to “Remember me on this device” is not available now. Current security protocols for FollowMyHealth require a username and password at each login. You will also be required to enter you two-factor authentication code at each login if using this feature.

Fortunately, a solution is underway to improve the login process on the FMH Mobile app. We will soon be implementing PIN and Touch ID authentication. This will allow you to bypass the need for a username, password, and two-factor authentication (we are treating the mobile device you use to access your account as the second factor in the two-factor process).

What we mean by “two-factor” authentication is that there are two factors needed to identify the user, which include: 

  • Something you know (username, password, or PIN)
  • Something you have (one-time password generating devices, via text message, email or google authenticator, or the mobile device for PIN and Touch ID) 
  • Something you are (biometrics, in this case a fingerprint) 

Soon there will be a variety of ways to log in securely to your account from your smartphone or tablet, while keeping the process simple. Please stay tuned and keep an eye out for mobile updates!