What to do if the App is Loading Slowly or Not Functioning Properly?

Many patients rely on the app to access their medical records. Sometimes, the app could be functioning slowly, which hinders you from accessing your records. Most people have run into a similar situation, whether it’s with the FMH Mobile app or others. There are a few things that you can try to boost the performance of the app. Let’s look at some of those things that you can try: 

  1. Check your Wi-Fi connection. If you have a weak connection, this can cause the app to load slowly or even time out. If your connection is not strong at home, visit this site which will show you ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection: 8 Ways to Fix a Weak Wi-Fi Signal. If you are not at home, try using your cellular data or mobile data instead. The app should be fine if you have 4G.  
  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app. Sometimes this has been the trick to correct the app’s slowness and other issues.  
  1. Check for updates to the app. If an app needs to be updated, it can begin to misbehave. It could start running slowly or some things within the app may not function properly. Be sure to install the latest updates to keep the app functioning properly. FollowMyHealth™ will notify you if you sign into the app and there is an update available.  
  1. Restart your device. If you notice the app is not working properly, you may need to restart your device. Just like a program on a computer, if it seems like it doesn’t want to respond, it may be time for a restart to see if that corrects the issue.  
  1. How old is your device? If you have an older device, you could notice the phone begin to perform slowly or sluggish. Older phones can affect apps in terms of features missing or the app not even opening at all. The updated app on an older phone may run slower than the older version of the app on the same phone. Also, older phones have more apps running in the background, which can affect the apps you use, such as FMH Mobile. If you do have an older device and notice that FMH Mobile and/or other apps are running slowly or not functioning correctly, it may be time for an upgrade.  
  1. Clear your cache and app data. Just like clearing your cache and cookies, this option can fix issues with the app. The option you would more than likely use is clear data. This basically restarts the app over, as if you have just installed it for the first time. This can help fix the app, if its misbehaving.  
  1. Uninstall unused apps. When you first get your phone, it comes with apps already installed. As time goes on, you may download apps that you don’t even use. Those unused apps take up storage space on your device. As storage  begins to fill up, you may notice your phone run slower. This is due to the phone using more memory. What you can do is delete those apps. If you cannot delete an app, you can disable it, especially those that came with the phone. Disabling pre-installed apps recovers the space/storage they have taken up on your device. 

What if none of these options work and the app is still not performing correctly? 

If the app is still giving you trouble, you can send a support ticket through the app. You can also call your practice’s FollowMyHealth support team. Those calls/tickets will be directed to the appropriate team where they can troubleshoot the app to see if it’s a widespread issue with the app itself.