Choosing a Different Two-Factor Method – “I Don’t See an Option That Will Work”

If you have two-factor authentication enabled but are unable to complete the process. You can click on the link “Use different two-factor authentication” to see some alternative options for receiving your verification code. If none of those alternative options will work for you. Whether the email or mobile phone number shown are unfamiliar or you no longer have access to them. Then select “I don’t see an option that will work” will give you the below message.

To keep your account secure, if you cannot use one of the available options for two-factor authentication to verify your identity, then we cannot log you into your account.

If you are in this situation, please contact our support team.  An agent will work with you to help you get back into your account and update your two-factor authentication preferences. 

(message shown) We're sorry. Without a phone number or email address, we will not be able to recover your username with our online tool.