FollowMyHealth® Dashboard Account Not Found

When trying to access FollowMyHealth®, you may decide to do a Google search. Although Google is a great way to search for sites, it can also be a little misleading. For example, if you do a Google search for FollowMyHealth, this is what you will get: 

FollowMyHealth Google search

As you can see, you have 3 FollowMyHealth options to choose from. Patients are being redirected to the Dashboard/Admin side of FollowMyHealth.

Once you click on that link, you will arrive at this page. Notice the message highlighted in yellow. If you see this message, you want to go back a page in your browser. Follow the rest of this article to get to the correct site. If you were to continue on, you will run into the Dashboard account not found message, see below.

"Sign In" screen
FollowMyHealth Account Not Found

Be sure to go back to the Google search page for FollowMyHealth if you arrive at the above error. To make sure you arrive at the correct site to sign in, choose the very first option, see below. 

FollowMyHealth Google search

Once you have done this, you will arrive at the correct log in page. One thing you can do is save the FollowMyHealth sign in page as a favorite. This way you won’t have to do a Google search every time you visit FollowMyHealth. Another thing you can do is send FollowMyHealth to your desktop as a shortcut.