Allow Authorization to My Settings? – Mobile App

The first time that you create a FollowMyHealth® account, you will be asked to share some basic information from your connecting account. This allows FollowMyHealth to use them for authorization. (see image below for an example)

Google terms of service

Each organization (Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and LiveID) has a different authentication confirmation request. For example, LiveID will ask to grant access to view your profile info and contact list. While approval of this step is necessary, the only information obtained from this request is your username.

The login pages in this process belong to the provider. We have no control over those pages themselves. FollowMyHealth will NOT be utilizing the potential public information contained in your authenticating accounts pictures, contacts, friends, etc. It will NOT release and/or sell your identifiable information to other organizations, people, etc. The authentication provider with which you choose to use as your login, will NOT have access to your FollowMyHealth record or its information.

If you do not feel comfortable allowing this access, FMH Secure Login can be used instead.