Why Does my Account Lock After 3 Reset Attempts?

When trying to reset your password, you will notice that you are only allowed three reset attempts within a 5 minute span. The key thing to remember is even though the account seems to be locked afterwards, it’s not. The only thing that has been locked is the password reset attempts. Although it is your account, we have to lock the attempts for security reasons. FollowMyHealth takes protecting your medical records/PHI seriously, and if there are three reset attempts within 5 minutes, it will lock any attempts to reset the password until after that 5 minute span has passed . 

Let’s say you tried to reset your password 3 times and nothing has worked. However, you remember the password or have it written down somewhere. Then you can use that password to log in. You won’t have to wait 5 minutes in a case like this. Once again, only the password reset email attempts are locked and not the actual account. 

What can I do if I have tried this more than 3 times within a 5 minute span?

There are a few options here. One, you can try to recover your password. Maybe you have it written down or you are able to remember it. Two, if you need immediate access to your records, you can call your practice or your FollowMyHealth support team to delete and set up a new account. If you choose this route, you will only lose messages in your inbox. Three, you can just wait the 5 minutes before you try it again.

If you feel you have the correct username but you are not receiving the reset email, follow this link to troubleshoot the issue.