Why is My FollowMyHealth® App Gray?

Does your FollowMyHealth® Mobile application have a gray icon and no longer allows you to access your information? This means that you have an outdated version of the app. In order to access your records from your iOS device, you will need to install the new app.

You may receive the following prompt to install the new app if you launch the outdated application: 

App update available

If you receive this prompt you can click on “Download on the App Store”. If you do not get the prompt, you can manually open the app store and search for “FollowMyHealth Mobile”. 

Once you locate the FollowMyHealth Mobile app in the app store, you can click on “GET” to install the app. 

After you have installed the new app, it will create an icon that looks like the image above on your device. You will want to make sure and delete the old version of the app, with the gray icon, from your device.