Can I recover my account if I don’t have a FollowMyHealth username and password?

You can! While a FollowMyHealth username and password is required when creating an account today, there is a small number of users who never created one. That’s where our username recovery tool can help. Here’s how to recover your account, even if you don’t have a username and password.     

Step 1: From the FollowMyHealth sign in page, select the “Forgot your username?” link. 

Image of where to find the Forgot your username link.

Step 2: Enter as much information as you can. This is what we’ll use to find your account. 

Image of the first screen of the username recovery tool.

Step 3: Once we’ve located an account that matches your information, you’ll need to verify that it’s really you. Select an option from the list. In this example, we’ve selected an email address. You could also choose to receive a code via text message if your mobile number is listed on your account. 

Image of what appears when we've found your account.

Step 4: Check your email or phone for the verification code.

Image of the verification code email that is sent.

Step 5: Go back to the username recovery tool. Enter your code. 

Image of screen when entering your verification code.

Step 6: Create your FollowMyHealth username and password. When ready, click “Continue” to access your account. 

Image of a successful account recovery and what appears to create a FollowMyHealth username and password.