How do I contact a technical support?

Last Updated: May 11, 2016 08:38PM CDT

Technical Support services should be provided by your medical organization, unless they have chosen to contract these services to another source. For help with finding the appropriate support contact information from your medical organization, please select one of the following:


I can log in.

To find the contact information for Technical Support, please review the following:


  • After you have logged into your FollowMyHealth® Universal Health Record, click on My Account (A) and select "Support" (B) (see example below).


  • The information that is provided in this window depends on what medical organization you are connected to.

If the contact information has not been provided to you, please click here to view alternative options.

I am logging in on my mobile device.

The support contact information should be located in the "Support" section of the FMH Mobile app. 


  • If you are using an Android device, select the Menu button towards the top left corner of the screen and tap "Support".


  • If you are using an iOS (Apple) device, "Support" is located near the bottom of the menu. You will need to press More in the bottom right of the app to see this menu.

If the contact information has not been provided to you, please continue reading this article for alternative options.

I cannot log in/Alternative Options

  • If you have an e-mail invitation from your provider, the support contact information should be listed in the e-mail, usually towards the bottom.  
  • If you do not have an invitation or the support contact information is not present in the e-mail, please contact the medical organization (your medical clinic, hospital, provider's office, etc.) directly, and they should be able to direct you accordingly.
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