Getting Started

  • FollowMyHealth® Notifications

    You will be notified for any new information that is added into your health record. When you first log into your account, you should see the "Action Center" located underneath your "Heal... Read More

  • Only have one e-mail?

    When two (or more) people share one email address, issues logging in may arise. A FollowMyHealth® Universal Health Record is tied to one login (typically an email address). Two (or more)... Read More

  • I click the icon to log in, but nothing happens.

    In order to authenticate you, we must have a popup handle some communication between us and your chosen authentication (login) method behind the scenes. If a popup window fails to appea... Read More

  • What doctor has sent this invitation?

    The question "what doctor" isn't quite the right question. The electronic medical records database belongs to the medical organization, and the doctors simply access the record when they... Read More

  • Turning on Two-factor Authentication while logged into your Account

    If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your FMH Secure Login, you have the option to add a 2-factor authentication process. Sign in to your account at the https://www.fol... Read More

  • FMH Secure Login Registration

    Please Note: If you are starting completely from scratch, without an invitation, click on the "I Need to Sign Up" button, fill out the corresponding form, and then select "Confirm and C... Read More

  • How to Search for Pharmacies by Zip Code

    Q. How do I find my pharmacy in the search results when searching by zip code? A. When searching for a pharmacy by zip code you should note that the results will order by all zip codes ... Read More

  • FollowMyHealth™ Home Page Explained

    Now that you have a FollowMyHealth™ account set up, let's look at what each section means. Note that some features may be available and some may not depending on if your account is conne... Read More
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