Frequently Asked Questions

  • Video Visits

    FollowMyHealth™ allows for patients to be able to request a video visit with your provider. This is just like visiting your provider, except in video form. Be sure to check with your con... Read More

  • How do I Request a Video Visit?

    To learn about video visits, click here. To request a video visit with your provider, follow these steps below: 1. Log into your account 2. On the right hand side of the screen, belo... Read More

  • How do I Cancel a Video Visit?

    Video visits are a great way to interact with your provider without having to be at the physical office. However, things come up and just like cancelling an appointment, you may have to ... Read More

  • What is an Email Visit?

    An eVisit is a consultation with your provider through secure email messaging. The eVisit process includes answering questions to qualify your symptoms, identifying the reason for the eV... Read More

  • How do I Request an Email Visit?

    To learn about Email Visits, click here. If you are looking to request an email visit with your provider, follow these steps below: 1. Log into the account 2. Under "Get Treated Now" ... Read More

  • Can I Send an Attachment to my Provider?

    A commonly asked question is can I send attachments to my provider. The answer to that question is yes and no. Yes, you can send attachments if your healthcare organization/practice allo... Read More

  • Should I Create a New Account if I Forget my Username?

    If you were to forget your username, one thing not to do is create a new account. Creating a second account, especially if you have one already, can cause confusion and frustration. If y... Read More

  • Can I View Images of Tests in my Account?

    A question that is commonly asked is can you view images of test in the account? This could be images of X-rays, MRIs, or CAT scans. The answer to that question is no. Images do not flow... Read More

  • Do I Have to Sign up for FollowMyHealth™?

    A question that we often get is do I have to sign up for this service. The answer to that question is no. As times change and as the healthcare industry shifts to online/electronic recor... Read More

  • What are the Benefits of Signing up?

    If you decide to sign up for FollowMyHealth™, you will receive some great benefits that will make your life easier and better manage your already busy schedule. Take a look at some of th... Read More
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