Why do We Require a Number and a Special Character for Your Password?

Creating/resetting passwords can be confusing and frustrating. Especially since it seems like each site has their own requirements. With FollowMyHealth®, we require that you use a special character and a number in your password, such as !,#,$, and others. Why do we require this? Having a special character and at least one number strengthens your password. Using our requirements makes it harder for a hacker to crack your password. Using a special character and a number decreases your chances. It does not completely eliminate you, of being a victim of a brute force attack. For example, using a password with just letters and numbers can be much easier for a hacker to crack, especially if it’s a short password. When you add in numbers and special characters, it can make your password much harder to crack.

If you would like to check the strength of your password, use this site to test it: The Password Meter