How do I Request a Connection to a Medical Organization?

Step 1: In the FollowMyHealth® platform, select “My Account” in the top right-hand corner. Then select “My Connections” from the drop-down list.


Step 2: On this screen, click the button on the right that says, “Add Organization” and give the appropriate information. In the search box you can search by zip code, organization name, or provider name. Please be mindful that your zip code may be outside the range of the zip code for the organization. You may need to enlarge the “Distance in Miles” field from the drop-down list to see the organization.


Step 3: Once your organization is listed, please select the name so that it is highlighted and the “Connect” button will then illuminate. Click “Connect”, then accept the “Request for Access”.

Now your connections screen should show the name of your medical organization followed by “Pending”.


Step 4: At this point you will need to wait for your request for connection to be processed by the medical organization. You should receive contact from them as to the status of your request.

If your medical organization does not show up in this list at all, they may have chosen to hide themselves from the add connections list. If you cannot find your medical organization this way, please contact them to request an invitation.  After receiving the invitation, you should be able to link to the account you made.  Click this link to add connection from an invitation.