Turning on Two-factor Authentication While Logged into Your Account

If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your FMH Secure Login, you have the option to add a 2-factor authentication process. Sign in to your account at FollowMyHealth.

sign in screen

Step 1: Click “My Account”. In the drop-down window select “Preferences”

click "My Account". In the drop-down window select "Preferences"

Step 2: Once page is loaded select “Sign-in Preferences”

preferences screen

Step 3: Select “Two-Factor Authentication”

highlighted "Sign in Preferences"

Step 4: Select the how you would like to receive your verification.

Two-Factor Authentication

Step 5: How to proceed depending on selection:
A.  App:

Two-Factor Authentication set up with app

B. Text Message:

  • Insert your Mobile Phone number and Mobile Carrier:
Two-Factor Authentication set up with mobile number
  • A text message will be sent to your Mobile device to Verify:
enter verification code from text message
  • Once confirmed the mobile number will be listed with change to the right of the number.
number will be listed by Two-Factor Authentication

C. Email Address: Will Auto-fill with notification email listed on the account.

Two-Factor Authentication set up with email

Visible once window closed:

None: If previously selected to have a 2-factor authentication and wish to remove it, select None and then select Save. This will remove the 2-factor authentication step when logging into your account.