How to Register Using A Mobile Device, After Receiving an Invitation

The process is very similar to setting up an account from the computer. The steps are outlined below. 

Note: In order to login from any mobile device (phone or tablet) you must first install the FMH Mobile App. The App can be found in your Google Play store or the Apple App store. More information provided later in this article. 

Step 1: When you receive your invitation via e-mail, click on the registration link to get started. It should look similar to the image below. 

FMH email invitation

Step 2: Click on the email registration link. You will then be prompted to “Sign Up and Connect” or “Sign in and add this connection”. If this is your first time setting up a FollowMyHealth® account, you should click on “Sign Up and Connect”. If you already have an account created or you’re adding another medical organization select “Sign in and add this connection”.

FMH "Sign Up and Connect"

Step 3: If you selected “Sign Up and Connect”, you will be taken to the FMH username/password creation screen.  Your Username must begin with a letter and may not contain any spaces. Your Password should be at least 8 characters in length, and include at least one numeric and one special character, such as :!@#$%^)&*-(.  For more details on the FMH Username creation process, click here.  

If set up correctly, the checklist will be green.  Once the username and password have been created, select “Confirm and Continue” at the bottom of the screen. 

"sign up and connect" fill out needed information

Step 4: If you selected “Sign in and add this connection”, you will be prompted to select the login method for your existing account.  If you use an FMH Secure username, select the FMH icon that looks like a green shield.  If your account is accessing through third-party authentication, select “or, use an alternative” and click on the appropriate icon. 

FMH "sign in" screen

Step 5: After you log in, you will be presented with a series of 5 steps (or 4 steps if you already have an account and are adding the connection) to create the connection to your medical organization. The image below shows step 1. Click “Next”. 

connect your account, step 1:welcome

Step 6: Please read carefully before you click “I Accept” to agree to the Terms of Service. The Terms of Service will be available in the “Knowledge Base” if you ever would like to reference them. 

connect your account, step 2: accept the terms of service

Step 7: Enter your invitation code. This is the 4-digit code given to you by your medical organization. This code can be the last four of the SSN or the 4-digit year of birth. If neither work, please consult your medical organization or contact Support. Click “Next”. 

connect your account, step 3: enter invite code

Step 8: The Request of Access agreement is similar to what you would sign if you picked up a paper copy of your record from the doctor’s office. It will be available in the “Documents” section under “My Health” if you ever would like to reference it. Click “I Accept”. 

connect your account, step 4: request for access

Step 9: Connect your account. This screen means that your health record is being uploaded from your medical organization’s electronic health records to your FollowMyHealth account. Once your record has been created you will be taken to the next screen. This normally takes only a few minutes. 

connect your account, step 5: upload health record

Step 10: You’re done! If you already have our free FollowMyHealth mobile application click the icon to open your health record or you can click the other button to go to the app store to download it.

FMH Google Play download link

Step 11: Once you have installed the mobile app and you’re ready to login you will see the option to login using your FollowMyHealth account, or you can choose the alternative login method, such as Facebook or Yahoo. 

FMH sign in screen